Student Testimonials

Many NYSCHECK Centers offer hands-on training for students of all levels (high school, college, graduate school, medical school, resident physicians) through elective programs, internships, and project-based learning. Our trainees gain knowledge on wide range of environmental health issues affecting children and families, learn strategies to incorporate environmental health into patient care, and gain skills on creating effective key messages for families and communities that provide evidence-based guidance to reduce exposures.

College Student: Danny Strick

Danny Strick, Summer Student Intern (Undergraduate, Boston University)  “One thing I learned in the EH center [...]

College Student: Maritha Du

Maritha Du is an undergraduate student at Boston College. “My time with NYSCECH and Pediatric Environmental [...]

Medical Student: Keven Cabrera

Keven Cabrera is a 4th year medical resident at Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell.  “I completed a [...]

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