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News and Events from the Network

Medical Student: Kathy Hardwood

Kathy Hardwood, MS3 NYMC As a third year medical student, I greatly appreciated having exposure to current issues in children’s environmental health. For example, I [...]

Medical Student: Yevgeniy Liverant

Yevgeniy Liverant, Medical Student Elective (MS4, New York Medical College) When I started my Pulmonology rotation as a medical student in September, I immediately became [...]

College Student: Danny Strick

Danny Strick, Summer Student Intern (Undergraduate, Boston University)  “One thing I learned in the EH center was how my perception of tobacco and carbon monoxide [...]

Medical Student: Joshua Hanau

Joshua Hanau, NMYC MS4 Student Rotation January 2019. The following is his reflection piece following our school session on Food Safety and Nutrition in Dows [...]