Our environmental pediatricians, together with partners, created “Prescriptions for Prevention” that provide information on how New York families can address common environmental health concerns such as lead, secondhand smoke, mold, and radon.

The front of each prescription explains simple steps for reducing the exposure. The back of each prescription lists key resources that families can use to help address the concern.  For additional information on the concern, we have posted links to key informational websites below the link to each prescription.

Please download, print, and share the prescriptions found below!  If you would like to download the entire prescription series, click here.

Las versiones en Español vendrán pronto…

Smoking and Tobacco Use:

If you need help quitting, contact the NY State Quit Line (1-866-NY-QUITS)or the CDC Quit Line (1-800-QUIT-NOW)

Information for parents about e-cigarettes

Information for parents about juuling


Secondhand Smoke:

NY Tenants Guide on how to minimize your smoke exposure

Learn more about how you can protect your child from secondhand smoke

Learn more about the dangers of secondhand smoke

NYC Smoke Free Housing guide


Lead-Based Paint:


Live in New York City? Click here for a prescription with local NYC information about how to deal with lead paint!

If you have a concern for lead hazards in your home, contact your designated NY Lead Resource Center

American Academy of Pediatrics “Steps to protect your family” from lead exposure

For more information about how to identify lead hazards

Know your rights concerning lead hazards before moving into a new home



Information on mold in homes and schools for parents from environmental pediatricians

Mold information from the EPA

Tips for dealing with mold from the NY Department of Health

Mold infographic: tips for preventing mold in your home

Information on mold in homes and schools for parents from environmental pediatricians


Pests and Pesticides:

National Pesticide Information Center (NPIC): Free hotline and information center on safer pest control in your home

What’s bugging you? Tips on how to deal with pests

Strategies for reducing pesticide exposure from the NY Department of Health

Infographic about asthma, pests, and pesticides – simple steps for your home



National Radon Hotline: 1-800-SOS-RADON (1-800-767-7236)

National Radon Hotline En Español: 1 (866) 528-3187

To order a radon test kit in NY

To learn more about the health risks of radon from the CDC


Eat Fish, Choose Wisely!

Advice About what Fish to Eat in English

Consejos Sobre el Consumo de Pescado en Español 

Fishing in NY waters? Check out NY state fish advisories before eating your catch

Find your local fish advisory (for United States)


Well Water:

How to test your well in New York

How to restore and maintain your well in New York

Information from the EPA on testing your private well


Sun Safety:

Information from the American Academy of Pediatrics about how to protect your child from the sun

Environmental Working Group’s Guide to Sunscreens

CDC Basic Information about Skin Cancer


Teen Tanning:

American Academy of Pediatrics- Tanning and Tanning Salon Tips for Young People

CDC Information on Indoor Tanning

Did you know? In NY, no one under the age of 18 is permitted to use a tanning bed. For more information about tanning bed risks in New York



American Academy of Pediatrics-Tips to protect your child’s hearing

Hearing Loss- When to Call the Pediatrician


Reducing exposures to environmental hazards from your job or hobby:

Tips to reduce your exposure to chemicals at home, work, and play

More information about potential hazards at work and pregnancy

Work Matters- How to reduce your exposures

Health and Safety Information from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA):

Do you work with pesticides? Here is information about how to reduce your risk of exposure at work and home


Teen workers:

To learn about the labor laws and safety regulations that protect young people in the workforce visit YouthRules!


Nature and Play:

Live in New York City? Click here for a prescription with local NYC information about parks and libraries!

Find a NYC Park and Kid-friendly activities

Find a NY State Park

Find a national park

Rainy day? Check out free library events at New York Public Library (in NYC) or find a public library near you


Prescriptions for Prevention were last updated in November 2018