• Sprouts Program

Here are a few of the most recent Community Programs in Buffalo. See the event archive below for more.

Buffalo Sprouts: A pediatric urban gardening initiative at Niagara Street Pediatrics. Our goal is to get kids and families excited about growing your own food! (3:20 Video)

Clean Sweep: aims to empower community members and provide them with the tools necessary to improve their quality of life. The task force meets weekly and goes door to door to provide services (i.e., health insurance, dental services, lawn care services, lead screening, energy-efficient heating, and cooling, etc.) to community members in high-risk zip codes. Additionally, the task force assesses for environmental hazards such as chipping paint, potholes, fallen trees, low lines, rotted steps, and unsafe sidewalks and submits this data to the city for remediation.

Niagara Street Pediatrics Farmers Market

Every Person Influences Children (EPIC) aims to help families, schools, and communities raise children to become responsible and successful adults.

Storytime at Canalside: “Storytime At Canalside: A Bicentennial Celebration” “This year’s theme is all about celebrating the 200 years of Erie County, with special guest readers and weekly themes to represent the many different facets of the city.

West Side Promise Neighborhood (WSPN) Summer Lunch Program: The mission of WSPN is to work together with the West Side children, families, and individuals to ensure success from cradle to career and beyond.  This Summer Lunch Program is meant to support our neighbors with lunch and fun activities from sports to science to arts and crafts.