The Coalition to Prevent Lead Poisoning is an education and advocacy organization composed of hundreds of individuals and community organizations dedicated to eliminating childhood lead poisoning and other environmental home health hazards. Located in Rochester, NY their mission is to empower communities and their residents to prevent childhood lead poisoning by sharing information, educational materials and best practices, and working towards public policy change. The Coalition is comprised of members who share the following conviction: childhood lead poisoning can and must end.

This year CPLP is celebrating 20 years as an organization and 15 years of the City’s lead law.  Data posted on the City’s website  confirms the continued successful implementation of this law, with nearly 200,000 inspections conducted (through June 2020), and the 2014  analysis by the Monroe County health department showed lead poisoning had declined nearly 2.5 times faster than anywhere else in New York.

This case study examines Rochester’s (NY) lead-based paint poisoning prevention ordinance (commonly referred to as the “lead law”), which mandates lead inspection of all rental properties as part of the city’s existing Certificate of Occupancy inspection program.