We are excited to release a new student-led podcast!

The WISE Guides (Wake up In Science Eduction) is a podcast brought to you by two extraordinary youths, Subhana and Matt, who discuss environmental health topics in our perspective, the perspective of the guardians of the future.

They discuss their experiences, speak with researchers, and share info on environmental health topics.

WISE Guides is brought to you by Huntington Breast Cancer Action Coalition’s Prevention is the Cure and NYCEHC.

The Science of Love: Self Reflection & Human Connection

Feburary 19th: Subhana and Matt discuss the importance of human connection.

Climate Change: Policy and Personal Responsibility Video

January 3rd: Subhana and Matt review climate change policy, hopes for new policy, and personal responsibility as we welcome a new year.

Winter Blues in 2020

Winter: are you a grouchy bear or feeling those Alaskan cabin vibes? Maybe a bit of both? Find out if you’re more like Subhana or Matt on this episode, where they get personal and discuss the winter blues combined with the quarantine blues, the science behind it, and some ideas on how to deal.

EDCs Are Sus

In this podcast, Subhana and Matt discuss EDCs in personal care products.

Interview With Dr. Sarah Evans

In this week’s episode, we bring to you an interview with Dr. Sarah Evans, an assistant professor in the Department of Environmental Medicine and Public Health at Mount Sinai! Also, get to know her research which focuses on the impacts of early life exposures to endocrine disruptors on the brain and behavior as well as effective strategies for reporting back biomonitoring data to study subjects.

90% Is Almost 100%

Imagine this: you’re a teenager in the 21st century. Your to-do list is packed with mundane things. You have to pick up some milk from the grocery store, do your homework, work on a couple projects, wash the dishes, and worry about how we will have emptied the world’s oceans for seafood by 2050, if current patterns continue.

Disclaimer: The views expressed on this web page are those of the presenter; they do not necessarily reflect the views of the entire Centers of Excellence in Children’s Environmental Health (nyscheck.org) network.