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The New York State Children’s Environmental Health Center (NYS CEHC) network serves as a model program for statewide services in pediatric environmental health, rooted in building the capacity of the seven Centers and the larger health care community to prevent, diagnose, and treat environmental exposures from pregnancy to young adults and all stages in-between across NYS. Our mission is to protect and improve the health of New York State’s children in regards to potential adverse effects of environmental toxicants, for the purpose of promoting life-long health and well-being. This Network will serve as a source of expertise for pediatricians and other front-line health care professionals, offering advice on prevention, management, and treatment of environmentally-related health effects in children. More…

Events: Children's Environmental Health Day - October 11th

Highlights Across NYS Children’s Environmental Health Centers!

First Meeting of the NYS Network

On April 26-27, 2018, Maida Galvez, MD, MPH (Region 2 PEHSU Director), Perry Sheffield MD, MPH (Region 2 PEHSU Deputy Director), Lauren Zajac, MD, MPH (Region 2 PEHSU Environmental Pediatrician), and staff (Marisela Bolanos- Region 2 PEHSU Program Coordinator; Michael Ejiogu, MPH- NYSCOE Program Coordinator) at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai hosted the first annual Planning Meeting for the NYS Centers of Excellence in Children’s Environmental Health.  More…

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New York State is served by seven Centers, spanning Buffalo to Long Island. These Centers cover every county in the state. If you have a question or concern regarding a matter of child health and an environmental factor, please find your Center by clicking on the New York State map to the right or from the Centers link here.

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