New York State is served by seven Centers, spanning Buffalo to Long Island. These Centers cover every county in the state. If you have a question or concern regarding a matter of child health and an environmental factor, please find your Center by clicking on the New York State map to the right or from the Centers link here.

The New York State Centers of Excellence in Children’s Environmental Health are pleased to announce a call for applicants for Pediatric Environmental Health Scholars. Our networks is dedicated to protecting and improving the environmental health of New York’s children through clinical, educational and community-based initiatives.

Children’s health has changed for the better: thanks to public health innovations, infectious diseases are no longer the primary cause of morbidity and mortality. But, today’s children are afflicted with chronic diseases that start in childhood (and often evolve into adulthood) with debilitating effects on not just the children themselves, but their families and communities. Environmental factors play a dominant role.