Celebrate Children’s Environmental Health Day by sharing your vision

What does a healthy community look like?

The NYS Children’s Environmental Health Centers were seeking creative people of all ages to share their visions of what a healthy community looks like as we move forward through the COVID-19 era.

Environmental health includes factors relating to clean air, water and food; chemicals in consumer products; healthy homes, schools, workplaces and neighborhoods; as well as energy, transportation and financial networks. Communities of color and communities with less wealth are disproportionally affected by adverse environmental health factors.

Showcase of Results for 2021:

Marikit Mayeno “leaf structure”

This is the structure of a leaf on a molecular level. It is meant to draw awareness to the beauty and complexity in what we might view as every day objects that we see. To look at nature in its complexity and depth rather than just its surface.

Moses Ojo “It’s worth”

It shows how we can live together being safe and secured in a healthy environment.

Grace Kim “My Healthy Community”

I wrote a brief hybrid haiku and tanka that breaks down the meaning of the two words in “Healthy Community” and then further explained what the phrase means from my perspective.



(Pre-school students (age 3 and 4years) from Imagine Early Learning Center who were asked to draw what a healthy environment means to them)

  • Vivienne: "I love to go down the slide at the park. There are other kids playing with each other. The park looks good."

Cyclopedia Zine

East Harlem summer environmental health program in which children and parents studied their neighborhood and envisioned what a healthier community could look like – cyclopedia.us


Dylan C.
Rosa D.
Maria G.
Marta H.
Ashley L.
Denisha M.
Katering M.
Alexis N.
Aurora N.
Omar N.
Lizzy N.
Asucena R.
Emily S.