Sara Peterson is a 4th year Medical Student at University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry

Specifically, I learned about additional sources to assess drug safety in pregnancy (such as Hale, LactMed, etc). I also learned about the relationship of VOD with drug transmission, as well as drugs with higher molecular weights were less likely to be transmitted in milk, using 1000 as a relative cutoff for “small vs large.” It was also great to learn about how the process of navigating how to provide guidance through the COVID pandemic with respect to COVID itself, various treatments (remdesivir, monoclonal antibodies), and the vaccine.

I was familiar with Reprotox and Mother to Baby prior to our session. I do find the Hale classification useful. I believe it’s most useful with L1 and L5, but appreciate the art with assessing L2-L4 in the individual patient-baby pair’s situation; such as a mother on Subutex (L4, but probably more risky to not be taking maintenance therapy vs using opioids). I do think that MotherToBaby is a great resource for patients, and have used it frequently myself during my ob/gyn rotations and sub-internships.