Rebecca Lee, graduated from Brown University and started working with the SDH screening program at Mount Sinai in October 2022.

“Working with NYSCHECK and PEHSU is an inspiration. As a social determinants of health screener, I witnessed first-hand how macro-level factors interact and manifest on an individual level, and how different systems of support, from pediatricians to community organizations, integrate to provide comprehensive care. I’ve attended several weekly Pediatric Environmental Health case meetings, where PEHSU presents on individual, on-going patient cases (e.g child lead exposure, mold toxicity, exposure to chemicals a caregiver is uncertain if dangerous) or on environmental hazards affecting specific local communities (e.g. an unremediated 1994 oil spill in Jamaica, Queens, NY). The extensive research invested, the thoughtful discussions created around realistic remediation strategies, and the socio-cultural awareness demonstrated by all team members have expanded my perspective on the intricacies of health education and the importance of research grounded in active engagement with community members. NYSCHEK and PEHSU demonstrate the far-reaching, transformative impact a cross-collaborative, community-centered approach can have, and I am excited to apply these perspectives as I begin my journey into the medical field.”