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3rd Annual NYSCEHC Virtual Conference

Syracuse Prescriptions for Prevention

Earth Day 2020: NYSCHECK and the Environmental Protection Fund

Buffalo Prescriptions for Prevention

NYC Prescriptions for Prevention

Cyclopedia: Social Determinants and Environmental Health

Madonna Heights – A Long Island Community Based Project

Medical Student: Kathy Hardwood

Medical Student: Yevgeniy Liverant

College Student: Danny Strick

Medical Student: Joshua Hanau

CEHCHV Regional Highlight – Not One More Life

Westchester County Releases First Public Service Announcement for Vaping Prevention and Awareness Campaign

WNY CEHC Regional Highlight

Vaping in NY: Dr. Hobart on CNY Central

Medical Student: Rachel Knapp

Medical Student: Ashley Gugino

Youth Environmental Health Resources: The CEHC Coloring Book

Medical Student: Dennis Dacarett-Galeano

Children’s Environmental Health Day 2019

Rochester Events and Recent Activities

Recent Westchester CEHCHV Vaping Advocacy

Mount Sinai Summer Training Institute in Environmental Health

Clean Sweep in Buffalo

Interns from University of Buffalo at WNY CEHC