Who We Are and What We Do

The New York State Children’s Environmental Health Center (NYS CEHC) network serves as a model program for statewide services in pediatric environmental health, rooted in building the capacity of the seven Centers and the larger health care community to prevent, diagnose, and treat environmental exposures from pregnancy to young adults and all stages in-between across NYS.

Our mission is to protect and improve the health of New York State’s children in regards to potential adverse effects of environmental toxicants, for the purpose of promoting life-long health and well-being. This Network will serve as a source of expertise for pediatricians and other front-line health care professionals, offering advice on prevention, management, and treatment of environmentally-related health effects in children.

The New York State Children’s Environmental Health Centers consist of a coordinating Center (New York City) and six other Children’s Environmental Health Centers located in Albany, Buffalo, Syracuse, Rochester, Westchester, and Long Island.

What We Do

The New York State Children’s Environmental Health Center collaborate with health care professionals, community groups, schools, and others to provide information on protecting children from environmental hazards. NYS CEHC has partnerships with local, state, and federal agencies and with community organizations to address children’s environmental health issues in homes, schools, and communities. Our Network actively works to address the EH issues facing high-risk children and families across the state.

The 5 core services of the New York State Children’s Environmental Centers are:


  • NYS CEHC aims to train pediatric health care professionals and trainees to systematically incorporate Environmental Health (EH) screening and education into routine child care (in both primary care and subspecialty practices).



  • NYS CEHC has developed and implemented a telehealth model, Project ECHO, to enhance the capacity of pediatric healthcare providers to address EH issues in their patients and communities, and to craft and deliver environmental health messages. Our Project ECHO fosters a community of learners across the state.



  • NYS CEHC provides a network of evidence-based, clinical pediatric environmental health services for NY families including telephone consultations, telemedicine visits, and clinical visits.



  • NYS CEHC ensures that all activities reach diverse audiences (general public, health care community, public health officials, policymakers, and others) through strong local, regional, and national partnerships in each of the work areas.



  • NYS CEHC promotes programs and policies that protect and improve children’s health that are rooted in lessons learned from statewide network activities.