Internship Testimonial: Keven Cabrera, MD Student

Keven Cabrera is a 4th year medical resident at Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell.  “I completed a month long elective with NYSCEHC and the Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Unit at Mount Sinai and it exceeded my expectations. Earlier in my schooling I had decided I wanted to combine my passion for environmental sciences with my passion for medicine and was able to find the amazing faculty at Mount Sinai to help me figure out how. Beyond learning about how intricately our environment, both built and natural, intertwines with children’s health, I learned about how to formulate healthcare messages in an effective way, how to work within government to enact change, and how to work alongside communities to protect children’s health. From local public health projects to providing expert recommendations to NYC Council and attending EPA meetings, everyone I met was excited to get me involved and, most importantly, to teach me applicable knowledge and skills for my future career. The elective was something I had planned on participating in prior to medical school, after I met a few of the physicians at a local meeting, and I am so glad I had the opportunity. I know that I will use everything I learned regardless of the path I take in medicine and that I have made life long connections to help me along the way.”

Children’s Environmental Health Day & Launch of the NYS Children’s Environmental Health Centers

Governor Andrew Cuomo proclaimed October 11 the first Children’s Environmental Health Day in New York State. The day was a great opportunity to announce the launch of the newly established statewide network for children’s environmental health. The network will train and support health care professionals to address environmental health issues and provide clinical pediatric health services to families. Sites are located across the state, including in Albany, Buffalo, Long Island, New York City, Rochester, Syracuse, and Westchester. The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York City serves as the coordinating center. During the CEH Day award ceremony, NYSCEHC honored Mark Maddaloni (EPA-Retired), Peggy Shepard & Cecil Corbin-Mark (WEACT for Environmental Justice), Kathy Curtis & Bobbi Wilding (Clean and Healthy NY, and Nanci Pavlisko (Parent Champion) on the first official CEH Day in NY State! Mount Sinai participated in activities led by Children’s Environmental Health Network to celebrate CEH Day.